Our Story

At Lamb Weston, we don't just see a potato. We see more. We see opportunities. Opportunities to feed the growing world population. Opportunities for new products for our customers and new production methods. We do this by reinventing ourselves. By challenging ourselves and others. Over and over again.

Sure, not every idea is the golden idea. But every new idea brings us closer to it. That's why we go the extra mile, every time. To make a difference to our customers, growers, partners and employees. So we can contribute to a better chain and a better environment. 


Fries and more

Lamb Weston is one of the world’s largest processors of potato products. Our frozen fries come in all shapes and sizes – perfect for all occasions. How about our Ziggy Fries, CrissCuts or Twister Fries? We also supply semi-finished products for soup, mashed potatoes or as a binding agent. And a lot more.

What we do, we do as sustainably as possible. Sustainability is part of everything we do. Inside and out. Think of more sustainable cultivation, maintaining the highest possible nutritional value of the potato and smart processing of our products. We supply fries with a short final frying time. The result? More frequent final frying to order. This means less food wastage. It also means final frying requires less energy. We efficiently pack our products, leaving our customers with less waste.

Improving is in our DNA

We're improving. Every day. By asking questions, Questions about all parts of our process. And we talk to our customers. This results in surprising solutions. Our potatoes end up served as part of a nutritious and tasty meal. We use our potatoes as fully as possible. Production residue forms the raw material for other products such as mashed potatoes.  

Like we said. We don't see just a potato, we see opportunities.  

Improving and doing business. It's in our company’s DNA. We go beyond the status quo. This goes back to our origins, with the entrepreneurship of Cees Meijer Sr. in Kruiningen to Gilbert Lamb in Oregon. In 1960, he invented the water gun knife, an invention that is still the standard for cutting potatoes. We are the original creators of the Twister Fries and the CrissCuts.


We are inventive and innovative. We improve processes, products and services to improve ourselves. Because everyone benefits. From grower to customer. The long term is the starting point for our thinking.  

Shared value as added value. That's what we believe in. 


We stand for reliability. For long relationships with our growers, suppliers and transporters. We do what we promise to create a win-win. We stand for the consistently high quality of our products. 

Quality, innovation and entrepreneurship are not something a company does. It's done by its people. Our people. The company, that's us. We trust people and invest in teams. Experience shows that this pays off. In better products, smarter services, more efficient production and a contribution to a better society.  

At Lamb Weston, we don't just see a potato. We see opportunities.