Sunflower oil update

Statement temporary measures in changeover from sunflower oil to rapeseed oil

In line with European Member States’ overall approach to food labelling issues concerning sunflower oil and to reflect current status on ingredient usage, our products packaging (both bags and boxes) will temporary display the following additional text: “may contain rapeseed oil (QR)”, in combination with a QR code. See below the example, how we will communicate this on the printed codes for bags and boxes:


This will apply to ALL our products as from week 16. This information will only be printed temporary in the transition period to totally new printed packs. We expect the process to change to updated product packaging artwork for all our products will take at least 2 months.

Ingredient declarations on our product packaging will be changed in the following way:
- We move from ‘Sunflower Oil’ to: ‘Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, in varying proportions)’
- Updated nutritional information  The amount of saturated fat in rapeseed oil is 7% and in sunflower oil 12%. Therefor it is legally supported to use the average of 9,5% saturated fat for the calculation of the new nutritional information.

Please note that the effect on the nutritional values of our products on saturated fat is so small, that we are legally still within the limits of tolerances on the majority on our
products, for declaration with the current nutritional information. Please do not hesitate to contact LW/M in case you have any further questions.