Your partner in potatoes

Lamb Weston is a leading supplier of frozen fries and other potato products, but we’re also a partner, going above and beyond to support your Foodservice business.

Real partner in potatoes

Foodservice is a vibrant business and no two days are the same. We've been around as a leading supplier of frozen fries and other potato products since 1950, so we know. Focusing on innovation, sustainability, quality, and partnership, we push ourselves every day to go above and beyond to support your business. Because that’s what a real partner in potatoes does.


Together we make your business thrive

As a Foodservice professional, you value suppliers who can give you quality, consistency, and reliability. Lamb Weston offers just that, and more. We provide innovative frozen fries and potato products that will make you stand out by meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. We will help you to turn challenges into opportunities with inspirational and practical advice, because your success is our success. We are committed to making your Foodservice business more profitable and sustainable every day. Together, we will make your business thrive.

Dedicated to innovation

To meet the demands of modern times, innovation is key. In products, but also in processes, sustainable solutions, and with recipe and menu suggestions. To innovate is to get the best out of yourself, to be able to serve the best to those who matter. Read more about how innovation will help you make your business future-proof!

We support your Foodservice business with…

Inspiration that helps you to stay ahead

Boost your menu margins with culinary inspiration for greater quality and enhanced presentation. Follow our channels and stay up to date on the latest market trends. Subscribe to our newsletter, check out the recipe inspiration on our website, read our blogs, download Eat This! Magazine - in which Foodservice professionals share their recipes, approach, and tools of the trade – and so much more! Check out the latest issue of Eat This! Magazine >

Products that exceed your guests’ demands

Explore our extensive range of quality potato products and frozen fries to surprise your guests! With our culinary expertise, we can help you elevate your dishes. Be inspired by our menu suggestions or learn about our wide product range to find out which frozen fries or potato products suit your needs.

Continuous innovation for a future-proof business

Move your business forward with innovative, future-proof products. We’re on your side and will continue to create ever-more sustainable potatoes, new shapes and cuts, improve nutritional values, and meet the demands of your future guests. Discover our latest developments, ranging from frozen fries and potato products created for delivery to smart business solutions. Did you know about our Menu engineering tool? Find out here how it can help maximise your profits!

Sustainability from field to fork, to help you become planet-proof

Make your guest enjoy their food guilt-free, with sustainably grown and sourced potatoes. Our products and processes are transparent and are continuously optimised to become more planet-proof. We do our part to help you do yours. How? Find out in our Sustainability report

At Lamb Weston, we’ll help you turn challenges into opportunities. All so you can make your customers happy and get yourself and your Foodservice business to thrive. Let’s do it together, because as partners, we’ll thrive.