Texas BBQ Cheese Bites

Crunchy, smoky, and filled with golden Gouda cheese
  • Delicious Smoky Texas BBQ flavour
  • Filled with yummy Gouda Cheese
  • Incredibly Crunchy Crust
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    ± 3:15 min. 175°C

    Crunchy, smoky, and filled with golden Gouda cheese

    Texas is big in many ways but one of the biggest things must be the delicious smokiness of a real Texan barbecue. Originally used as a preservation method, this unique and mouth-watering flavour has become a truly indulgent part of Texan cuisine. We have turned exactly that into a surprisingly delicious bite! Texas BBQ Cheese Bites combine the best of a Texas smoky BBQ with yummy melted Gouda cheese. It’s the ultimate finger food combination that can be served all day long, on either a platter or as a side dish. As soon as they leave the kitchen, their amazing smoky scent will be turning heads before they even reach the table! The enticing orange crust makes for an incredibly crunchy experience, balanced out by the satisfyingly silky finish of the soft yellow cheese. These small bites with smoky BBQ flavour are both ready to rock your guests’ world and fire up your menu. Ready to go even bigger? Then serve them like the Texans do: on a platter with meat, white bread, pickles and onions!

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