Innovating to serve the best

Innovation will help both our businesses serve the best to those who matter.

Innovation is not a choice

At Lamb Weston, we believe that innovation is a way of working that enables you to create the most sustainable products, the most efficient processes, and the best overall quality. It’s a necessary ingredient to stay ahead of your competition and to meet the demands of modern times. And last but not least, it’s what supports you in making your business thrive. Now, and in the future.

Provide your guests with the best

Innovation is in everything we do, from field to fork. We’re always working to optimise our potatoes, making sure this core ingredient becomes ever more sustainable, future-proof and on trend. We optimise our processes, for example by efficiently re-using our wastewater and creating products that use the whole potato and nothing but the potato. We work with farmers on sustainable irrigation and transport, and with engineers on reinventing our cutting knives and factory processes. What’s more, we also innovate by meeting your guests’ demands with inspiring recipes and menu suggestions. Through our continuous efforts, we help you to become more planet-proof, efficient and ready for tomorrow. ‘Cause it takes a team to win the game.

Exceed your future guests’ demands with innovative products


Innovation means...

Future-proof potato products

Continuous optimisation, so you can always serve premium, consistently high-quality potato products.

Efficient processes

Throughout the entire production chain for more sustainable products and less waste.


Becoming more planet-proof so your business can be, too.

Being on trend

With new recipes and menu suggestions that help you outsmart the competition.

Eat This! Magazine

To be innovative, you need to know the latest trends, market developments, and insights. Our bi-yearly Eat This! Magazine is there to help you out, offering everything from culinary inspiration to tips for boosting your margins. Learn from fellow Foodservice professionals, get exclusive recipes, and much more! Check out our latest edition here!

Your Partner in Potatoes

Now innovation is just a part of being a real partner in potatoes, of course. We’re there to help you meet and exceed your guests’ expectations by providing insightful tips, culinary inspiration, and trusted products of consistent quality. All so you can make your business thrive!