Seeing possibilities in sustainability

Sustainability plays a major role in all of our thinking and actions. After all, we take our responsibility seriously. And that's important. Because with 800,000 tonnes of frozen potato products in Europe and 4 million tonnes worldwide, Lamb Weston is the second largest producer worldwide.

In his CEO Statement in our sustainability report, CEO Bas Alblas explains the basis of sustainable thinking within the Lamb Weston / Meijer company. "We believe that sustainability is a prerequisite for our work, that it is an ongoing process and not a trend. It has been our starting point since we initiated our sustainability programme in 2011. It's the vision that keeps moving us forward."

Our thinking and actions start with our consumers and customers. How can our products become tastier? More sustainable and better? Using smart techniques, we are working towards more sustainable production. Constantly improving our raw material, water and energy efficiency per tonne of finished product. Our 2020 targets are ambitious compared to our reference year 2008. For example, 30% less energy consumption and 30% lower CO2 emissions per kilo of fries. And we use 10% more of our potato per kilo of finished product. Our residual flows from production become raw materials for other products. Or they are used as sustainable animal feed. For those who want to know more: dive into our figures.  

Sustainability goes hand in hand with the creation of shared value. It's our company’s long-term strategy for success. With our thinking and actions, we strive to positively influence our shareholders, our customers, consumers, growers and other suppliers, and last but not least, our employees.

In 2011, we developed our ideas into a plan and ambition: to be the market leader in sustainability within our sector by 2020. We identified six focus areas, the ‘Sustainable Six'. In 2018, these were scaled up to the Sustainable Seven: Water, Energy & Emissions, Potato & Waste, Sustainable Agriculture, Employees, Food Safety & Quality and Nutrition & Health. 

In water, energy & emissions, potato & waste and sustainable agriculture, we want to be the leaders in our sector. We believe in these and it is precisely these aspects that ensure shared value for our shareholders. Furthermore, they ensure our company’s growth, while having a positive impact worldwide.

Curious about our full sustainability report? Download the summary in pdf in your preferred language. Or view the complete report online.