Avoid these restaurant delivery issues

If any of these five restaurant delivery issues occur, your customers are likely to give you a ring. Pick up the phone when they do, because no contact only increases the dissatisfaction. Taking instant care can save the day.

  1. Cold food raises tempers
    Of all restaurant delivery complaints, 18% are about the temperature of the food. That’s by far the biggest frustration for your customers, so take heed or take the heat!
  2. Late delivery: from hungry to hangry
    An empty stomach doesn’t do well for your customers’ mood and on average your customers won’t wait more than 30 minutes (only 27% will wait an hour or more). Slow  fast food delivery is a no-go.
  3. Messing up the orders
    Messing up orders, forgetting special requests or handing over a meal tossed around in transit can ruin an evening. Good organisation of your orders, particularly when working with third party services, is key for smiling faces.
  4. Frustrating ordering systems with limited options
    Badly functioning applications, non-customisable orders and a lack of information turn your customers away. If you don’t give them what they want, your competitors will!
  5. Nothing is for free
    Added costs create frustration, especially for small orders. So integrate your delivery fee in the price. Good to know: on average, delivery menus are 6% more expensive than in-restaurant menus.

*source: Co-Blame: An Examination of Shared Blame in the Restaurant Delivery App Industry, Zion & Zion

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