Customer personalisation

One in every two customers wants to influence the creation of their meal. The other one is lying. Joking aside, every guest has their own individual taste and preferred food combination and Redpoint Global found that 63% of consumers expect personalisations in their services. Offering the ability to personalise meals enables you to give your customers exactly what they want and enhance their dining experience.

Why customise?

There are three main reasons customers desire personalisations:


Expressing personal values and ideas matters. This can be a vegan alternative, dairy-free sauce, a super spicy meal, or simply potatoes instead of rice.


Health benefits matter to customers, both young and older. So, think low-fat, allergen-free, high-fibre options or a protein-heavy snack.


In some cases, the core reason for a personalised choice is simply standing out with an exclusive upgrade. Curly fries instead of regulars anyone?

Being smart about home delivery

Personalisation and home delivery are the perfect pairing because smart technologies make it easy to offer more options. Customers can choose their preferences and, based on customers’ data, order history and personal choices, smart software can even suggest extra dishes and sides for them.

Adding that special sauce

Adding that special something is a great value add for customers but stick close to what works for your concept. At a sandwich shop, you can personalise every aspect from the bread to fillings and sauce, but it won’t become a bowl of noodles. Customisation should enhance a restaurant experience, without undermining its identity.

Personalisations allows you to create more options without expanding your menu, but also satisfies your customers and creates new opportunities.

Bitesize facts

In ancient Rome there was something called a thermopolium. A street kitchen, where you could purchase ready-to-eat food for take-away!

5 ways to let your customers have their own way

If you consider offering a personalised dining experience, find a format that matches your dining style. For example, don’t let your customer ruin a £25 steak with chocolate frosting, but instead offer them a variety of complementary sauces. Get inspiration for your restaurant concept with these 5 formats:

  1. Pick 'n mix your menu
    Split your meal into its basic components and let your customer choose their own combination of greens, carbs, proteins and sauces. Make sure that each element is tasty though!
  2. Deconstruct your dish
    The perfect solution for monoconcept restaurants is deconstructing your dish and letting your customers build their own, much like in a noodle shop! Limit the choices to prevent option-stress.
  3. A finishing touch
    If you want to keep your bases covered, why not let your customer provide the finishing touches. Provide sauces and spices and let them go wild! Simple, fun and a time-saver
    in the kitchen!
  4. Go play with your food!
    Put a variety of options on the table to combine, play and experiment with. Not only an easy way of serving your food, but also a fun experience for your customers!
  5. Make your own meal kit
    Perfect for take-away and home delivery: the ‘build your own meal’ kit! Not only does this offer a tactile experience for customers, it also helps retain the food quality in transit. Win-win!

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