Lamb Weston forms new partnership to fight burnout in hospitality Wednesday 17 June 2020

Lamb Weston is proud to be part of the UK’s awesome hospitality industry. 

As well as your partner in potatoes, the Company also works alongside some of the most passionate, dedicated and hardworking people in this sector and, aside from helping operators make a rip-roaring success of their business by supplying exciting, quality frozen potato products, Lamb Weston also wants to be a stronger partner, lending support in a responsible and caring way, reaching out to help create awareness of an industry-wide problem – the stigma of mental health.

As a global industry leader, Lamb Weston can bring a great deal of support and the Company is excited to announce a new partnership with an innovative and much needed project created to care for the mental health of workers in hospitality.

The Burnt Chef Project was launched in May 2019 by former hospitality industry supplier, Kris Hall, with the sole intention of eradicating mental health stigma across the UK’s hospitality industry.

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Putting a stop to stigma and silence

Research by the project last year showed that nearly 4 in 5 people in hospitality in the UK are likely to suffer ill mental health, compared to 1 in 4 people across the population as a whole as reported by the NHS. 

“This needs to change,” says Kris, who witnessed first-hand the issues suffered by colleagues in his nine years in the business. “Working conditions in the hospitality industry are a breeding ground for psychological issues, brought about by high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and not forgetting the impact that long working hours and stressful working conditions have on personal relationships with friends and families. 

“The Burnt Chef Project's aim is simple. To put a stop to the stigma surrounding mental health within hospitality, aid employers in workplace adjustments and let people know that they are not alone.”

Lamb Weston is keen to support Kris’ aim in as many ways as it can.


Andrea Deutschmanek, Country Marketing Manager UK & ROI, Lamb Weston; “The Burnt Chef Project has created a cookbook that is bursting with motivational dishes and includes contributions from chefs across the hospitality industry, showcasing their ‘special treat’ dish.  We’ve purchased a number of licenses so that we can use the books as giveaways to share their inspiration, help encourage others and raise some money for the cause.”

Lamb Weston and The Burnt Chef Project will also be working across each other’s social media channels to help raise awareness of this huge problem and have many more activities in the pipeline, as well as collaboration with other brands and chefs, including some stimulating food ideas and top product raffles.

Look out for more exciting developments in Lamb Weston’s new partnership!

To find out how you can get involved and help your staff and your business, go to: