Proudly Sponsoring the National Breakfast & Brunch Awards 2020 Tuesday 05 November 2019

There’s something extraordinarily British about breakfast and brunch – after all, a nation marches through the challenge of the daily grind on its morning meal.

And that’s why we’re proud to be sponsoring the National Breakfast & Brunch Awards 2020.

We’ll be introducing a super-exciting, spiffingly tasty, breathtakingly British new product that’s set to get everyone talking (and eating!).

Shhh - it’s top secret! But all will be revealed on the day – 29th January – so make sure you’re there for a sizzlingly delicious sneak preview!

The event invites chefs from across the out of home, pub and bar, casual dining and hotel sectors to compete in a series of breakfast and brunch challenges. The 16 finalists will be tasked with creating their speciality breakfast or brunch for the judges using their own ingredients. Chefs will also have to battle it out in an ingredient round using products supplied on the day.

So whether you serve up your culinary creations with sauce or champers, with toast or a toast, get your entries in to the 2020 National Breakfast and Brunch Awards. Think your dish has got what it takes to be crowned National Breakfast or Brunch of the Year? Enter now!

Entries close on Friday 13 December. Go to: