Connoisseur Homestyle Fry

These golden, rough-cut fries are the perfect upgrade for your fries. With their skin on, they give a full potato taste.
  • Lots of skin
  • Frozen convenience
  • In 2 popular cutsizes
  • Lots of skin, rich taste
  • Crispy, irregularly cut
  • Original artisanal appearance
± 3:15 min. 175°C
± 15 min. 200°C

Fries that get attention

We know that diners can taste the thought and attention that go into every dish. They’re looking for simple, natural food and fries should be no exception. That’s why we put care into every aspect of the Connoisseur fries. From product sourcing, production and research through to operational support, we bring our years of expertise to the table to ensure Connoisseur are the fries customers are looking for, the golden, rough-cut fries they’ll take notice of. Connoisseur Homestyle 11x11 Fries' core benefits: Crispy fries in traditional 11x11 size, irregularly cut and rich in taste The perfect fry to accompany any dish that deserves an upgrade

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Storage times

***/**** -18°C - 18 months


The cooked product will have a fresh full potato flavour, with no off-flavours present.


The cooked product has a slighty crisp bite , with a uniform smooth interior
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