Mexico Jalapeno Cheese Bites

A spicy flavour with a modern twist
  • A consistent bite-size snack with a delicious and mildy spicy jalapeno flavour
  • Mexican favorite nacho cheese filling
  • Crunchy Quinoa Crust for extraordinary bite
    ± 3:15 min. 175°C

    A spicy flavour with a modern twist

    Mexican jalapeños are green chilis that offer mildly spicy bursts of flavour and are ever popular. Whether fresh, pickled or dried, this chili’s spice and warmth are the pillars of Mexican comfort food. Our bites take that indulgent taste to the next level, creating an experience that’s both familiar and enticingly different. Using an entirely new way of conveying moderately hot Mexican flavours, these Jalapeño Cheese Bites are made to inspire. Their scent is slightly spicy and the Jalapeños are filled with a delicious mixture of liquid nacho cheese. The bites have a crunchy quinoa crust that ensures an appealing presentation and extraordinary bite. Flakes, crunchy bits and a mix of herbs further contribute to the amazing texture that complements such an intricate core. Together, this creates a bite your guests will long for at any time of day, over and over again. Mexico Jalapeño Cheese Bites are incredibly consistent bites with an amazing flavour. The combination of mild heat, crunchiness and melted cheese works its magic in salads, as a side dish and on a finger food platter. Or make them a surprise element in a Mexican wrap with some guacamole for extra freshness!

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