Amazing Benefits of Skin on Fries

About Skin on Fries

Fries, also known as chips or French fries, depending on whether you’re in the states or the UK, are a staple comfort food. They can be served in all kinds of equally delicious ways - from cheese-topped to gravy soaked or dipped in tomato sauce. Skin on fries are a rustic addition to any chip menu. They add a new dimension of texture and flavour while also having health and environmental benefits. 

What are skin on fries? 

Skin on fries are French fries that have not had their skins peeled before cooking. This means the skin is left on and adds a deliciously crispy texture when fried. This also adds an extra, subtle flavour that offers something different from peeled, traditional French fries. 

Benefits for health 

Potatoes don’t just taste great, they have health benefits too. They contain a lot of fibre, which is good for our digestive health. But most of the fibre in potatoes is stored in their skin. Leaving the skin-on means they keep natural nutritional goodness. As well as fibre, potato skins also contain other important nutrients including antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C. Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system, and potassium can help regulate blood pressure which keeps your heart healthy. Antioxidants are also essential to prevent damage to your cells from toxic molecules called free radicals. 

It’s important to remember that these nutrients are locked into the potato skin. If you peel your potatoes will lose all the healthy benefits and nutritional value of these. The Journal of Food Science recently found that leaving the skin on potatoes can boost their nutritional value by up to 35%. That’s a significant health benefit that would be tossed into the bin if you remove your potato skins.  

Stealth Fries 9x9mm Skin on chips

Reducing Food Waste 

Food waste is a huge problem in the UK. The good news is skin on fries can help with this too. By leaving the skin on, you can reduce food waste. Peeling potatoes produces a lot of waste so by choosing skin on fries, you’re not only preserving the health benefits you’re also cutting down your food waste.  

Environmental Benefits 

It’s true that keeping the skin on potato fries can also have a positive impact on the environment. Food waste goes to landfill where, when it breaks down, it produces methane. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. By reducing food waste, we can cut the amount of methane in the atmosphere and help combat climate change. 

Skin on fries also need less overall energy to cook than traditional French fries. This is because you get more potato for your pounds. When you peel potatoes, you remove the part of the potato that needs energy to grow, transport, and process. By leaving the skin on, you use more of the potato and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce the same amount of fries. 

If you want to explore new skin on fries recipes, our Stealth Skin On Fries are loaded with flavour. Check out our foodservice recipes to see all of the possibilities.   

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