Discover what’s behind our coated fries

Lamb Weston’s coated fries are …oh so crispy… and have a longer holding time than regular fries. If you want to know how it works, then read on and we’ll share everything you need to know.

The innovative process of coating a Lamb Weston fry

Coating fries is one of Lamb Weston’s innovations that have revolutionised the industry. The secret to our stealthy coating is that each fry is covered with a thin layer of virtually transparent batter. The batter, made of natural potato starch, is applied to each and every fry by passing them through a curtain of batter on our production line. The process ensures that all fries are coated as uniformly and as thinly as possible!

Coated fries outperform regular fries, every single serving

Because our coated fries are covered in a very thin, practically invisible, layer of potato starch, they’re transformed into what you could call ‘super-fries’. Firstly, they benefit from a longer holding time as the batter acts as a ‘protective jacket’ that keeps them warmer for longer. Secondly, it makes the fries extra crispy so regardless of whether they’re kept under heat lights, on a hot counter, on a plate or ordered for home delivery or take-away, customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Picking a coated fry means choosing one that will outperform all regular fries so just imagine what they could do for you and your business.

We have the right coating for different fries

At Lamb Weston, we use a variety of batters for our coated fries; some are near invisible, some are textured and others are deliciously seasoned. But ultimately, it means that our fries are the best-looking and best-tasting fries around.  We offer the following coatings and coated products to suit all occasions:

  • Invisibly coated fries Looking for a fry that stays warm and crispy for a longer period of time, but doesn’t look coated?  Our fries with a transparent potato-starch batter are perfect for you.  Want to see for yourself?  Get a sample of our Stealth Fries, Connoisseur Rustic Fries or Potato Dippers now!
  • Visibly coated fries Sometimes, you want to enhance the natural and authentic appearance of fries by showing its pure ‘irregularity’ to your guests. That’s why we also create coated fries with this specific look and feel – but these also stay hot and crispy for over 20 minutes!  Curious?  Order a sample of our Hot2Home fries now!
  1. Seasoned fries At Lamb Weston, we also coat fries with a seasoned batter. With added flavours such as our famous paprika flavour, you’ll be serving fries with a unique taste, a longer holding time and guaranteed crispiness. Curious?  Try our Original Seasoned Twisters, Original Seasoned CrissCuts, Onion and Black Pepper Dipping Strips, or our range of our coated Potato Wedges Seasoned now!

With our coated potato products, nothing can stop you from serving hot and crispy fries, so your customers will enjoy the crispiest fries on offer.