Healthier choices

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Health is happening. Big time. Living a healthy life is more and more becoming the standard all across the globe. It is even considered one of the vital mega trends that is turning into the solid basis on which choices are made. Other choices, healthier choices. Choices that create new opportunities for restaurant owners of today and tomorrow.

It’s all about balance and awareness

Making the healthier choice doesn’t mean treats that are considered less healthy are banished. No way! It is all about balanced and conscious consuming. As you’ll see, healthier choices certainly are not dull choices. They come in many shapes and sizes, providing you with multiple options to chip in with tasty, surprising dishes!
Let’s start you off with some simple suggestions:

Viva Las Vegan!

The vegan lifestyle is booming.
Get on board with smart, tasty alternatives:

  • Top and load your potatoes with vegan alternatives. Say cheeze rather than cheese and trade bacon for facon.
  • Fry your food in vegetable oil and squirt some vegan mayo on top. Voila!

Cut the carb!

Offer great taste with less carbs, lower GI and higher fibre and vitamin A content. 
Think sweet potato:

  • Sweet potatoes have it all; they can be roasted, fried, mashed, or used in dauphinoise.
  • Sweet potatoes have even more! The longer they’re cooked, the sweeter they become.
    Ideal for adding a healthier touch to desserts.