We are what we eat

Has your diet changed in the past few months? It turns out that we are, in a very real sense, what we eat, and stress, anxiety, and depression have a huge impact on our food choices. Shokofeh Hejazi tracks trends in food, drinks, and health. Shokofeh Hejazi from 'the food people' tracks trends in food and shares in this article how your guests' cravings have changed.

It starts with trust

“Peace of mind has become a huge deal for consumers in choosing where, what, and how they eat. They want to eat in safety and be assured hygiene standards are in order.

Make them comfortable with a clean and contactless service. Consider things like sliding doors, hands-free soap dispensers, tamper-free packaging, and maybe even hiring or appointing a dedicated ‘cleanliness manager’.”

“Trust is at the top of your guests’ agendas, so provenance plays a huge part. People like knowing how their delicious food got from ‘farm to plate’, and if it’s sustainable, nutritious, and safe to eat. For potato products, local farms and named varieties will create trust, as will the use of natural and organic ingredients. If you have your vegetables delivered from a local farm or use ethically reared and organic meat, let your guests know!”

A Gut Feeling 

The current climate has made many consumers rethink their diet and lifestyle choices. Shokofeh notices an increased health awareness: “A healthy, balanced diet helps your immune system function properly and improves your general health… but you can still treat yourself from time to time! Indulge with a takeaway or a meal out every so often. Just be mindful of portion sizes.”

Shokofeh has noticed people turning to specific foods and drinks as a solution to their troubles, like bolstering stress-resistance and gut health: “Magnesium, zinc, maca, holy basil, and ginseng, for instance, are all supposed to improve the body’s resistance to stress. There’s also a lot of evidence that gut health affects the brain (and vice versa), so people have taken to ‘gut-friendly’ foods like sauerkraut, kefir, nuts, and seeds in an attempt to boost their overall well-being and mental health.”

Shokofeh Hejazi

Shokofeh Hejazi is a Senior Trends Expert at thefoodpeople, a global agency specialising in food, drink, and health trends. In her role, she covers industry and consumer trends.

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Home, Sweet Home, Sweet Potato

Above all else, your guests are looking for comfort and familiarity. Curious which types of food Shokofeh Hejazi has top of mind when it comes to comfort and nostalgic options? Read the entire article in our Eat This! Magazine. 

Say it with Potatoes

The team at thefoodpeople has identified the latest trends surrounding our favourite tuber: the potato! Let’s have a closer look at various creative ways in which you can serve potato lovers the flavours and products they crave.

Carpe diem!

Seize the day, because it’s OK to enjoy ourselves in uncertain times. Indulgent treats and luxurious flavours (truffle!) are back on the table, and why not? Life is short, so we want to treat ourselves with lashings of butter and other decadent twists from time to time. You have to treat yourself every so often. Grooved, seasoned potato specialities fit right in there. Your guests will gladly pay extra for a unique texture and taste.

Monster Long Fries & Dirty Vegan

Creative with potatoes? Yes please, say your guests, who love to be surprised with new dishes such as monster long fries and vegan ‘fully loaded’ fries. Go crazy; there’s a world of potato creations to discover.

Low-carb, hand-prepped, & regional

There is another side to the gratification coin, and low-carb fries are now a thing. It’s part of your guests’ preference for more conscious kinds of food, which is

why local products and regional flavours are in demand.

Hand-prepped delicacies are also sure to lure the locavores to your tables.

Cultural creativity

Our world is full of fascinating diversity, and food is no different. Combine, fuse, mix, and put your spin on any cuisine. smoked, charred, and sour are in, as are dishes and ingredients from all over the world. Think patatas bravas, Hasselback potatoes, and other delicious worldwide recipes.

Ready for more? You’ll find more food trends, inspiration and expert advice in our Eat This! Magazine.

Power to the potato

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