Crispy Onion Rings

The ultimate crispy breaded classic
  • Pre-formed for a uniform appearance
  • Breaded, crispy crust
  • Tasty golden-brown batter
  • Made with freshly ground onions
  • Easy portioning
  • All-time favourite
± 2:30 min. 175°C
± 10-12 min. 200°C

Crispy Onion Rings

Smooth batter with diced onion, finished with delicious breading for that extra bite… Crispy Onion Rings are classics with a crunchy crisp for maximum indulgence. These onion rings smell super fresh, especially when you sink your teeth in. The smooth inside, combined with that snacky onion taste makes them truly irresistible. As these rings are pre-formed for a uniform appearance, serving a perfect portion of luscious loops has never been easier! This often-ordered, golden-brown classic will do well on any menu. Crispy Onion Rings can be enjoyed on their own, on a sharing platter or as an upgrade to any burger! No matter how you decide to serve them, your guests will be delighted with this crispy classic.

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Storage times

* -6°C - 1 week


The cooked product will have a slight vegetable aroma, with no off-flavours present.


The cooked product has a nice crispy bite , with a uniform smooth internal texture
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