Four New Original Recipes to Warm up Your Winter Pub Menu

If there’s one thing we all love to do in winter, it’s eat. Especially in the run up to the Christmas period when belly-filling platters, roasts, and festive favourites are the order of the day.

To help pub chefs across the UK with their winter menu inspiration, we’re serving up four brand new, creative, and slightly spicy original recipes for you and your diners to tuck into this December.

With this festive season looking set to be a bumper year for pubs and diners, it will take some truly exciting dishes to make your meals stand out from other modern pub food menus. One winter favourite that is a real crowd pleaser across the pub cuisine scene is carb-heavy classics. Think hearty, big plates accompanied by the likes of roast potatoes. creamy mash, crispy wedges and golden fries. 

This year, chefs can step up their side orders with a few easy, innovative substitutes. Gone are the days of simple straight cut chips being the go-to side. Now, with creative flourish and culinary flair, fries of all kinds are becoming the star of the dish. That’s exactly what these four new recipes offer. From a veggie twist on the classic hot dog, to the ultimate bar food staple of fish and chips, these additions to your pub menu offer a modern take on the old classics to make sure you keep up to date with the latest trending plates, and bring punters in on cold winter days.

Old Dog, New Tricks: Carrot Dog With Ziggy Fries


The hot dog has been a hit in the UK bar scene for a while now. But with the population’s palette seeing more demand for vegetarian friendly meal options, we’ve taste tested a fresh twist on the classic hot dog and fries combo.

The delicious carrot dog with cheesy Ziggy Fries is sure to be a hit with meat lovers and veggies alike - which makes an exciting change from mushroom risotto!

With this recipe, carrots are a flavourful and versatile swap for the traditional meat sausage. Their surprising texture and sweetness, along with a generous dollop of mustard mayo, is a tasty twist that even the most ardent meat eater will enjoy. The finishing touches - a sprinkle of deep-fried shallots add a crunch, while the hearty serving of Ziggy fries and cheese sauce elevate this pub menu hit to winter warmer status.

What’s more, Ziggy fries are ready in just 3 minutes, making them ready to fly out of the kitchen and keep up with orders on those busy holiday season nights.

Fan Favourite Fish And Chips With Fennel Salad

Fish and chips

If you’re looking for a more reliable classic for your pub menu, this one’s tried and true. As a more traditional pub menu style offering, we’re getting back to basics with this fish and chips with fennel salad.

Chefs can’t go wrong with this old English classic, designed to be served street food style for the ultimate finger food experience. This particular recipe can be used with any type of whitefish, depending on what your personal preference is, or what works best with your other menu items and budget - always keeping the bottom line in mind.

As an important element of the dish, the chips turn out best when made with the Connoisseur Rustic Fries which hold their crispiness for a long time once cooked - perfect for picking plates like this.

The fresh fennel salad packs a punch and cuts through the richness of the fish and chips.  The remoulade sauce is the final touch that keeps this classic original. Though it can be shop bought, for this recipe it really adds a handmade element customers will comment on if it’s homemade. 

Be sure to add a sprig of salad to the top of your fries, to give a festive touch with green garnish.

Frying With Our Wings And Wedges

potato wedges

For publicans and chefs who prefer to keep things simple, this wings and wedges combo will be to your taste.

With the right ingredients and preparation, the simple delights can often be the tastiest - and that is definitely the case with this wings and wedges recipe.  Unlike the traditional bar food menu chicken wings, this new take features the lesser used black garlic that has a unique and rich flavour profile. Take your wings to new heights with seasoned wedges that pair well with a side serving or generous drizzle of garlic mayonnaise. As the perfect finger dipping food, these wings and wedges also work with aioli or bbq dip.

As a finishing touch, the cress gives this delicious combo an extra spicy zing.

Spice Up Your Loaded Fries


The final item in this menu inspiration lineup caters to vegan customers as a delicious and spicy option that’s far from bland.

Our spicy loaded fries recipe is a cut above the rest and is a completely vegan dish that won’t leave non-meat eaters missing out. What’s more, this hot and spicy side dish won’t break the bank.

Using trending ingredients like jackfruit -which serves as a tasty substitute for pulled pork - our original loaded fries are made with the classic cut Potato Dippers, perfect to scoop up the gooey topping.

If you’re adding these to your your takeaway menu, remember to separate the garnishes to keep the fries intact and fresh for delivery.