Making the difference

Our passion for potatoes is just the beginning. Better technology, tastier recipes, greener processes, game-changing ideas, inventive thinking. These are always top of mind.

From Field to Fork in 5 steps

Crop quality depends on seasonal and climate conditions. We put our passion and experience to work to deliver consistent quality, whatever the weather.

To produce premium quality potato products, you begin with the basics: the ingredients. We use only the best potatoes and spices, and the purest vegetable oils. Our growers, many of whom have been with us for decades, understand quality and how to achieve it.

Step 1: Passion for Potatoes & Professional Raw Management

We consider our growers as partners, and the feeling’s mutual. We insist on fair price negotiations and openness on the production process. This helps our growers grow and store top quality potatoes. We also develop tools and software to support our growers. Good for business, good for profits, good for morale. Theirs and ours.

Step 1 Weight Watcher

Step 2: World-class manufacturing

Our suppliers, service providers and industry experts help us achieve great things. Take sustainability. Our ‘Innowater technology’, developed with suppliers, allows us to purify and reuse our process wastewater in our production process. It’s all down to teamwork.

Step 2 corporate-production-line

Step 3: Innovative warehousing and transport

Sustainable solutions are easier to come by with a joint integrated approach in place. Intelligent transport by water and rail saves fuel consumption and costs, and we work closely with our logistics partner, on ways to keep reducing our environmental impact throughout our entire supply chain.

6 Transport

Step 4: Happy customers & consumers

As you might expect, we’re passionate about food. We regularly advise customers on topics ranging from new market trends, profitable products, and new ideas for food preparation and serving. We deliver tailor-made concepts to local markets and provide excellent operational support. We also road-test our new ideas where we can and involve selected customers where appropriate. Training is essential, and we give our customers all the training and sales support they need, so that they can get the best from our products.


Step 5: Quality Control & After Sales Service

Partnerships are part of our lifeblood. We need innovative partners to help us create a sustainable, effective supply chain. Close collaboration with our customers and suppliers makes us more effective. We believe many hands make light work.

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