Code of conduct for suppliers

At Lamb Weston we believe that adhering to the highest possible standards of integrity and ethical behavior is the only way to succeed, and so we have set the highest standards for the way we conduct our business, in areas from corporate and social responsibility to sound business ethics. We are committed to ensuring that working conditions throughout our supply chain are safe, that employees are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.  

As such, because the conduct of Lamb Weston’s Suppliers can be attributed to Lamb Weston and its reputation, we expect our partners in business to act with the same level of integrity and ethical behavior.  This Code of Conduct for Suppliers, while not exhaustive, is established to provide a guideline of our expectations, highlighting some key laws and regulations, as well as outlining additional requirements that Lamb Weston expects its Suppliers to meet. 

We require all our Suppliers to comply with this Code and each individual Supplier shall ensure the implementation of this Code in its own operations. Our Suppliers shall also ensure that their subcontractors and sub-suppliers working on products supplied to Lamb Weston comply with this Code and if requested by LWM can demonstrate this.

Code of Conduct Suppliers pdf