Improve the profitability and popularity of your menu using Menu Engineering

Maximise your profits with our Menu Engineering tool

Menu engineering is the study of the profitability and popularity of menu items, developed in the 1970's by Boston Consulting Group. The goal is simple; helping you, chefs and restaurant operators, increase profitability per guest. When done correctly, menu-engineering can help boost your profits by up to 15%. 

What can this tool offer you? 

It will compare the dishes on your menu and show which are your profit drivers and which are costing you money. The feedback is instant and comes with advice from other chefs to show how you can optimise the results. This is what makes our Chefs Network menu engineering tool unique; direct advice from chefs to chefs!

Wondering how to increase your restaurant profits? Find out how it works in just a few steps:

1. Enter your dishes

Just add these elements for each dish on your menu:

  • Popularity of the dish
  • Food cost
  • Labour (chef), in minutes
  • Other labour (kitchen), in minutes
  • Selling price, ex VAT

2. Comparative ranking according to both profitability and popularity

Our tool calculates all the dishes on a menu and presents a comparative ranking according to both profitability and popularity, as well as a graph visualising the results in a matrix with four quadrants:

  • Winner, which is popular and profitable
  • Runner, which is popular but not profitable
  • Sleeper, which is profitable but not popular
  • Laggard, which is neither profitable nor popular

3. Outcome and recommendations

Following the graph, we give you recommendations on how to increase the popularity and profitability of your menu items via best practice, using the experience of others.

Curious? Discover how to increase your profits by using our menu-engineering tool now...
It’s easy, and it's free!