Climate Action

At the heart of our new sustainability agenda lie three key challenges for 2030. The third one is climate action.


Climate Action


The focus in this challenge is on reducing our impact on the planet. To help us progress, we have broken this down into three sub-challenges:

  1. Sustainable Operations
  2. Sustainable Agriculture
  3. Sustainable Supply Chain

Currently, around 60% of our carbon footprint is attributed to the raw materials we use, with nearly 50% coming from potatoes and 10% from the sunflower oil to par-fry our products. Consequently, we need to concentrate even more on helping our growers to advance sustainable agriculture. At the same time, we will stay focused on reducing our water usage. Water remains an undervalued resource, and 90% of our total product water footprint comes from growing potatoes and oil seed crops. We know that we can make more progress saving water within our agricultural supply chain.