Visitors Conditions for customers & Third Party Auditors

Since the beginning of March 2019 we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to fully understand and deal with the concerns around our employee safety, assured supply and business continuity. Lamb Weston has established a cross-functional working group to evaluate the global impact and assess necessary actions. In light of recent external developments we have decided to decrease some of our measurements and make the locations of Lamb Weston, under restrictive conditions, accessible to suppliers and Third Party Auditors.

We continue the principles behind our decision:

  • We want to safeguard the health of our employees & visitors
  • We want to protect our customers and ensure our business continuity towards the future
  • We want to assure our continuous supply and therefor protect our factories by minimizing the risk of potential contamination.

It should be noted that the management of the plant can, at any time, tighten the measures according to local circumstances. The following measures will apply from June 15, 2020 for all plants of Lamb Weston:

  1. We expect you to be aware of and obey the law and Covid-19 specific rules of the country that you are visiting.
  2. All regular (hygienic) measures and safety regulations must be respected.
  3. Additional (Covid-19) personal safety and protection measures apply in our premises. For this purpose, your contact in Lamb Weston will provide you with the appropriate equipment.
  4. Visitors are guided from entry to departure of the plant by an employee of LWM. With the exception of using the sanitary facilities, it is not permitted to enter areas without supervision.
  5. All visitors must be free from signs of illness, such as coughing, sneezing and/or fever. Upon entrance of our premises, visitors’ temperature will be measured with scanning equipment. Data will not be recorded.
  6. You may not have been in a contaminated area in the past 8 days. Examples of this are: a production facility where an outbreak has been found or a country in which the situation is currently not under control.
  7. Nor may you have been in direct contact with a person with confirmed corona virus disease over the past 8 days.
  8. We try to keep traffic between our plants to a minimum. If you have visited one LWM plant, it is not yet possible to visit another plant during a quarantine period of 8 days.
  9. Visitors must avoid contact with production installation, facilities, raw materials, finished products and other (packaging) materials. If for the purpose of your visit you indicate it is necessary to touch a surface, ask your host to do this for you, while respecting the distance. Only to comply with the safety rules (f.e. touching handrails), you are permitted to touch surfaces. Clean hands afterwards as soon as possible!
  10. During the visit, the locally required minimum distance must be kept from all persons.
  11. Longer interviews (> 10 minutes) can only be conducted in well-ventilated areas.

Above mentioned measures will help us to reduce risks of contamination to a minimum.

Please check our Visitor's Health Assessment Form in English or Dutch and answer the questions.

We believe that if we take responsibility together, your visit will be pleasant and successful. We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation