Sustainable Potato Enjoyment

We believe in the power of the potato. As a great source of nutrition.

I want us to be the industry leader on sustainability in EMEA. We aim to generate net zero emissions from direct energy use by 2040, strive for zero food waste and circular production, and offer sustainable potato enjoyment, which can be consumed as part of a plant-based balanced diet, by 2030. What motivates me is that consumers globally enjoy eating our tasty potato products. My personal drive is to make them a healthier treat that fits into a balanced diet.

CEO Marc Schroeder

Sustainability Agenda 2030

Our new sustainability agenda is aimed at creating short- and long-term value both externally for the good of our stakeholders and the planet, and internally for the company and its employees. The new company strategic plan will take us forward, where sustainability by design is defined as a condition for success and will enable our 2030 sustainability agenda to evolve further.

Our Key Challenges

At the heart of our new sustainability agenda lie three key challenges for 2030:

  1. Balanced Diet
  2. Zero Waste
  3. Climate Action 

Future strategic developments

Towards 2030, we aim to contribute to feeding the world sustainably by offering customers and consumers, sustainable potato enjoyment. We are collaborating closely with our dedicated growers, guiding them on how to grow potatoes more sustainably, while in our operations we are committed to reducing our product carbon footprint by 25%, using 25% less water and generating 50% less food waste by 2030.