Zero Waste

At the heart of our new sustainability agenda lie three key challenges for 2030. The second one is zero waste.


Zero Waste


Our challenge is how to contribute to a fully circular food and agriculture business, including more sustainable packaging. Over the last decade we have further reduced our waste streams and increased the reuse and valorisation of our potato by-products. Since 2008, we have sent zero waste to landfill, while less than 0.5 percent is incinerated. We improved our potato utilisation (as produced) in 2019 by over 12% versus 2008.

We believe these are the areas in which we can make the greatest contribution to circularity. We aim to utilise the whole potato, turning it into tasty products to feed humans and, when not possible, to feed animals. To achieve our Zero Waste goal, we will also focus on packaging. In 2019 we developed a sustainable packaging strategy that combines customer-centric innovation with our sustainability criteria. When we develop or introduce new product packaging, it is (re)designed to make it more sustainable.