Balanced Diet

At the heart of our new sustainability agenda lie three key challenges for 2030. The first one is balanced diet.


Balanced Diet


People choose the food they eat consciously, and their needs are changing. Increasingly, they focus on foods that are nutritious, plant-based, contribute to wellness, and have a transparent footprint. Yet they still want to indulge themselves occasionally. The potato itself is one of the most sustainable, nutritious staple foods to help feed a growing population. We are capturing the natural goodness of our nutritious and humble potato into convenient, tasty products that people love and trust around the globe, to indulge themselves once in a while.  

In the coming decade we will focus on reducing the oil content and calories in our frozen fried potato products, for example by shifting to thicker cut fries, new processing techniques and developing more offerings suitable for oven or air fryer preparation. With our dried potato flakes, we offer versatile potato solutions to tackle the other side of malnutrition, caused by micro-nutrient deficiencies, often referenced to as the ‘hidden hunger’. We will expand our product solutions addressing malnutrition in developing markets.