From Growers to Consumers Monday 07 March 2022

The first EUPPA Sustainability Report shows how the European potato processing industry is driving sustainability throughout the sector.

The European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA) released this substantial report to highlight the progress made in recent years by the potato processing sector across key areas of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The European Potato Processors industry welcomes the green ambitions and wants to play its part in the shift to greater sustainability. For this, the sector needs an adequate and coherent policy framework to meet the targets set by EU legislators.

As sustainability is higher than ever on the agenda with the EU Green Deal paving the way for a green transition across all economy sectors, the EUPPA 2021 Sustainability Report demonstrates how Europe’s potato processing sector is committed to upholding the sustainability of its raw ingredients, production processes and final products to ensure the future viability of our planet.

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