From Roots to Happiness Thursday 03 March 2022

EME Outlook, the editorial platform for European en Middle-East business markets, spoke with CEO Marc Schroeder about adding value to a product of mother nature and the company focus on inspiring and serving customers and consumers with potato products they love and trust.

“At the roots we are a potato processing company,” introduces Marc Schroeder. “Broadly speaking, we sell products such as regular fries, that a customer would buy from fast food outlets or large supermarket retailers for example, but also special shaped products, for example Twister fries, Dippers, Ziggy fries and Hash browns. Besides that we also sell potato flakes as ingredients to other products.

Marc Schroeder

Lamb Weston is a successful company with more than 25 years of experience in the food industry and has built lasting partnerships in the supply chain. Together with its over 600 growers in Europe, more than 100 suppliers worldwide and in excess of 1,700 customers in EMEA, the company and its people aim for the same collective goal.

In this company story you will read that the popularity of the humble potato remains prominent today. And that producing fries and specialties in an innovative and sustainable way starts with a collaboration with partners in the supply chain from roots to happiness.