New potato season has started! Most of our potato fields have already been planted. Thursday 09 May 2019

With the planting in April the 2019 potato season really started!

Last weeks all growers have worked hard to prepare the fields and plant the seed potatoes. In general, weather conditions were good, which speed up the progress, especially compared to last seasons.


In most growing areas, the weather conditions were mostly dry, occasionally interrupted by a small shower. In some areas it was even too dry, but that did not really delay the progress. It is expected that the work will mostly be completed in the course of next week.


Now we have to wait and see how weather conditions will be this growing season, this will determine how the crop will look in autumn.

Meanwhile, the first potato plants have found their way to the sunlight

At this stage of the growing season, it is important that the plants emerge quickly and develop a good root system and leafage. Regular growth and development of the plant is important. For this, occasional showers and daytime temperatures between 15 and 20 ° C are needed and no night frost.