Cheddar Jalapeños

A Mexican flavour-combo, with a truly authentic feel
  • Made with a real chunk of green jalapeño
  • The best of fresh, cheesy, and peppery
  • Hand-made look
  • Firm, crunchy breaded crust
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± 3:30 min. 175°C

Cheddar Jalapeños

These snacks are authentic through and through! Bite through the crunchy breading to find a fresh, creamy, and utterly indulgent filling with a solid piece of green jalapeño and delicious cheddar. A unique flavour combination that gives this snack a sunny, festive vibe! Cheddar Jalapeños have something many snacks don’t: the texture of real chili pepper. It gives off a refreshing kick to complement these creamy, crunchy chunks. The crust is firm, ensuring a strong, bold bite, followed by the sweetness of the soft melted cheddar. The fantastically tasty mix is completed by the deliciously pure, slightly bitter note of the jalapeño. Surprise your guests by putting these appetizers on a sharing platter. They’ll love the looks, the taste, and the authenticity of this cool, peppery, and cheesy bite!

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Storage times

  • * -6°C - 1 week
  • ** -12°C - 1 month
  • ***/**** -18°C - 18 months

Allergy information

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cereals containing gluten


The cooked product will have a spicy jalapeno pepper and cheese flavour, with no off-flavours present.


Texture after freezing and reconsitution will be smooth and creamy , not lumpy nor sticky
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