Cheese Donuts

Fun and craving combined
  • Fun shape
  • Crunchy, appealing coating
  • Tasty combo of melted, stretchy cheese
  • Endless serving options
  • Easy portioning
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± 2:10 min. 175°C
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± 9 min. 200°C

Cheese Donuts

Cheese Donuts strike a perfect balance between shape and flavour, making them a dream to serve. These funny-looking rings are ideal size and have a nice lightly textured crust, decorated with herbs and crispy sprinkles. Aromatic onion and garlic add a little depth to the deliciously stretchy, cheesy core. The hole in the middle makes this snack super crispy, producing more crunchy surface area to complement the inside. Filled with a delicious blend of soft, melty mozzarella and tasty cheddar cheese, these donuts are true flavour favourites. Add to that their playful nature, and you can see why they’re one of the most elegant extras for spicing up a salad or a wrap, but can also be served as an extra-ordinary appetizer! Want to add some fun to the menu? Make sure Cheese Donuts don’t miss the party! They’re a nice surprise and help you to cater to any need, from culinary cravings to quick snack attacks.

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Storage times

***/**** -18°C - 18 months


Mild taste of cheese and breading


Creamy soft cheese with a crispy coating

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