Amp up your kitchen with these top-5 foodservice must-haves!

They’re on-trend, innovative, or just a perfect kitchen companion. Here are five cool items that are total must-haves for your kitchen!

Hendi sous-vide machine

Sous-vide cooking is a great way to impart great texture and taste and optimally retain all natural aromas and nutrients, while also allowing for super-even cooking. This machine makes it even better, so you can serve great dishes, stress-free, at exactly the right temperature.

Frying insert basket

As the prices of frying oil have gone up, now is a great time to put some extra effort into keeping your oil fresh and clean. This frying basket filter will help you save money, spend less time cleaning, and use your valuable oil for longer!

Wüsthof Performer Series

These knives are cut with extreme (robotic) precision and coated with black matte ‘Diamond-like Carbon’ for a razor-sharp, strong blade. The honeycomb structure in the handle guarantees that it won’t slip, whatever the conditions. A perfect knife, for the perfect dish.


The kitchen is becoming visible, and the OFYR is a great example of how a restaurant experience can revolve around it. In this case literally, as the versatile circular cooking device is the centre of attention. Great for the outdoorsy chef who wants to create a great dish and put on a good show!

Gourmia Food Dehydrator

The demand for dried food is increasing, with health reasons being a major driver. Drying food preserves nutrients and produces deliciously intense flavours. Create your own fruit leather, chips or beef strips in a controlled environment, without having to use the oven.