Honest food, more veggies, less waste!

If you’re talking about honest food, known provenance, and sustainable dishes, Amsterdam-based restaurant ‘Sababa’ totally fits the bill. With their ‘Hakuna Matata’ philosophy and their vegetarian and vegan dishes, they combine middle-eastern cuisine with Dutch comfort food. By mixing vegetable-based dishes with perfect seasoning, bite, and texture, they offer true value in veggies. And you can’t say veggies without saying fried potato!

Everything’s better fried

Sure, you can fry up some meat-based snacks, but what about frying aubergine, halloumi cheese or falafel instead? It’s healthier, for starters, but it also gives your customers the chance to indulge in their guilty, crispy pleasure without any of the guilt. Try serving sweet potato fries on the side for a deliciously surprising vegetarian or vegan alternative that your customers are bound to love!

If life gives you lemons…

You put them in a jar and add some salt! A trip to Tel Aviv inspired Sababa to use pickled lemons as the base of their lemon mayonnaise to help reduce food waste. It’s an old way of storing food, but it’s really effective and leads to surprising new flavours. Lots of vegetables lend themselves to pickling, so find whatever suits your dishes and experiment with seasoning to create some tasty ingredients!

Side dish in the mix

Side dishes like fries are an easy way to mix up your menu. Add homemade sauce to your fries, offer seasoned fried veggies, or create your own sweet and sour combination with pickled leftovers. In the end, it’s really all about being as creative as you can. Seduce your customers with cool combinations and use herbs and spices to your benefit. Every kitchen can use a bit of fusion!


Sweet and sour fusion fries

Spice up your Dutch mayo with pickled lemon for a finger-licking sauce that your fries can  dive right into!

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