In it to win it: 5 quick wins on home delivery

Andrea is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who started her business in 2019. She is the owner of Le Toko, an Indonesian delivery and takeaway concept with multiple outlets in the Netherlands. Andrea loves to think big and the results are palpable: the number of outlets throughout the country is expanding rapidly. Her goal? Getting everybody to enjoy the best flavours Indonesian food has to offer.

The worldwide pandemic has been hard for many foodservice professionals, but not for Le Toko owner Andrea de Fonkert. “Le Toko has always only done delivery and takeaway, so patrons can’t eat at our outlets. Luckily, this also meant that we were familiar with all the ins and outs of delivery and takeaway when the first lockdown started. And that was a good thing, because the number of orders we got skyrocketed.” Andrea is delighted that they are doing so well, but she also has mixed feelings. “A lot of foodservice colleagues are struggling to make ends meet while we can’t keep up with all the orders. I hope that sharing my story and insights in this edition of Eat This! can help others in these crazy times.”

Useful tips from the queen of delivery

Andrea’s extensive experience in home delivery and takeaway gives her a clear perspective on what’s happening in the market, which many foodservice businesses can benefit from. That’s why we present to you: Andrea’s quick wins on ‘home delivery’!

  1. Create a special home-delivery menu
    Imagine letting a steak travel for 25 minutes in a delivery bag. It’s the perfect way to set your customers up for an unpleasantly chewy experience, leaving you with a bad review. So go for ‘home-delivery-proof’ ingredients that will keep your customers coming back for more and improve your bottom line.
  2. Invest in delivery people and staff
    From quick meal prep and delivery to a genuine smile and chitchat at your customer’s front door. You need good staff to do great stuff, because who wouldn’t want to reorder if it meant they could welcome another friendly face at their door? “The personal touch is what sets you apart in a time where people are craving human contact. Make time for it, it will surely pay off.”
  3. Give people value for money and the best experience possible
    Make sure that your pricing is right: set your prices with the new, altered dining experience at home in mind, instead of your restaurant. Sticking to restaurant prices can scare people away.

Hungry for more?

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