Putting a positive spin on online restaurant reviews

As restaurant operator, you put your guests first. Yet, sometimes a delivery goes wrong and you get that dreaded bad review. Research shows online reviews stop up to 40% of potential customers from wanting to use a business, which can affect your income. Don’t panic though! With the right approach, you can turn negative online reviews into a success! We’ll tell you how.

Respond fast

In the digital world of today, people are online 24/7, and they expect the same from you. The faster you react, the better your chances of fixing the issue.

Respond with understanding and respect

Avoid getting defensive, but remain professional, respond with concern and be keen to help. That can take the worst of the sting away.

Handle the issue off-line

Talking through a screen rarely brings out the best in people and it stays visible. Get on the phone and offer a solution. Is the review false or fake? If it’s fake, ask the platform to remove it (they usually will).

Share your solution under the review

Most review sites have comment sections, so use these. Better still, ask your customers  if they’re happy! Your response online shows you care and value customers.


People are not very likely to leave a review unless something bothers them, meaning most will be unfavourable. Pro-actively stimulate happy customers to leave reviews to boost your ratings. After all, they directly affect your visibility and revenue.

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