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Managing every aspect of your business can be both mentally and physically draining. The strain can be enormous in foodservice, especially with the holiday season ahead.

In your line of work, you rarely have quiet days. A bustling front-of-house and a hectic kitchen are simply part of the job you love. However, busy times can also be challenging for you and your team. 

That’s why this edition of Eat This! Magazine is all about finding peace of mind. We spoke to industry experts about this topic for professional advice and insights on various aspects of running your business. In Eat This! #4, we share: 

  • Insights and advice on mental health in foodservice from The Burnt Chef Project;
  • Pro tips from experts on how frying helps cut costs and improve food quality;
  • Food trends to help you tailor your menu to your guests’ needs after COVID-19;
  • Tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes that will stun your guests. 

Obviously, since the holidays are upon us, we’re sharing tips and experiences from successful chefs to help you get ready for this wonderful and busy time!

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