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In the latest edition of Eat This!, your fellow foodservice entrepreneurs openly share their experiences and explain how COVID-19 affected their day-to-day business and how creative ideas have helped them to boost their revenue (again).

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What’s more, we also discuss various powerful ways in which data can help your business grow, ready-to-use tools to upgrade your menu, and, first and foremost, other entrepreneurs. We’ll let them speak about the challenges they face and the creative ideas they’ve come up with, so you can learn from their mistakes and benefit from the lessons they have learned:

  • Giacomo, the mastermind behind the Italian Burger Restaurant ‘Buns’, is determined to let creativity rule in these times of need. “Limited Time Offers are a great way to shine a spotlight on your business. Especially when you’re the underdog, and only if you stay true to yourself and your community”. Read all about his tips & tricks, surprising partnerships, and new ways to boost business in these troubled times. We bet you can’t wait to implement his tips yourself.
  • As a foodservice entrepreneur you’re ‘in it to win it’, right? So we don’t have to tell you that home delivery is not only a ‘hot topic’ but crucial for survival. Andrea, the owner of an Indonesian delivery and takeaway concept called ‘Le Toko’, is the ‘queen of delivery’ and shares her 5 quick wins with you.
  • In this edition Stefan Boers, Dutch master franchiser of international burger chain ‘Wayback Burgers’ answers the question: ‘Franchising: a one-trick pony or the ingredient for proven success?’ His story takes you along his journey, and therefore through all his ups and the downs (or should we say: challenges). In the end, his verdict is simple: “I wouldn’t want it any other way”. Discover if franchising could be the answer for your (future) business as well, in this edition of Eat This!