Mozzarella Sticks

All-time favourites filled with stretchy goodness
  • Highly uniform appearance
  • Easy portioning
  • Very balanced cheese taste
  • Consistent quality
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± 2:00 min. 175°C
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± 15-20 min. 200°C

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks are real showpieces with great texture, fresh herbs, and a lovely, golden colour. And, they’re all perfectly uniform to help you serve consistent portions every time. They’re fragrant and flavourful, with hints of onion, garlic, paprika and turmeric, all balanced to make sure that the mozzarella takes the lead. Thanks to the firm and crispy breaded coating, each stick will easily break in two, keeping its shape and exposing its irresistible stretchy core. Made with lots of real mozzarella, they’re soft inside and just about chewy enough for a little body, whilst staying light! This appetizer is a complete package: delicious, playful, and cheesy. The crust adds that nice ‘snacky’ feel and crunchy bite, followed by the mozzarella and a delicate aftertaste of herbs and spices. Mozzarella Sticks always deliver, whether they’re served on a platter or with a nice dip, so they’re both an all-year-round evergreen and the perfect base for a seasonal special. Get creative and surprise your guests with the best flavour combinations!

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Storage times

  • * -6°C - 1 week
  • ** -12°C - 1 month
  • ***/**** -18°C - 18 months

Allergy information

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cereals containing gluten


The cooked product will have a creamy, real mozzarella cheese flavour, with no off-flavours present.


Texture after freezing and reconsitution will be smooth and creamy , not lumpy nor sticky
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