Pommes Croquettes

A classic dish for your menu. Made from mashed potatoes and covered in breadcrumbs and fine herbs, these croquettes are all-time favourite
  • An easy supplement to any menu
  • Popular classic
  • Soft mashed potato filling
  • Prepare in fryer or oven
  • Soft mashed potato filling
  • With or without nutmeg
fryer icon
± 3:30 min. 175°C

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Storage times

  • * -6°C - 1 week
  • ** -12°C - 1 month
  • ***/**** -18°C - 18 months

Allergy information

  • Cereals containing gluten


The cooked product will have a fresh, full potato flavour, with no off-flavours present.


The cooked product has a nice crispy bite , with a uniform smooth internal texture
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