Piccalilli flavoured fries

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This piccalilli recipe is a picked vegetable mixture that is loved by many people. Our unique Stealth Fries Straight cut are coated with a transparent layer, making them crispier and giving them a longer holding time than regular fries.

  • Mix all the spices, the salt and sugar into a powder and spoon into spice sprinkler
  • Using a blender, grind the piccalilli until very fine
  • Mix with the cream and egg white and season with salt
  • Pour into a siphon and aerate with 1 cartridge
  • For warm espuma, leave the siphon in a warm water bath no hotter than 65° (or chill) (not shown, text only)
  • Grate the cauliflower and mix with the brunoise vegetables
  • Cut open the bag of stealth cut fries and shake into a bowl.
  • Deep fry until crispy
  • Sprinkle immediately with the piccalilli spices
  • Scoop into your preferred serving dish
  • Pipe a generous amount of espuma on top
  • Garnish with vegetables

Piccalilli flavoured fries