Potato Wedges Plain

Our Wedges are sturdy and chunkier than most other potato products, making them look authentic and home cooked.
  • Extended holding time
  • Loved by consumers worldwide
  • Complement or replace fries
  • Real, natural potato taste
  • Skin-on and skin-off
  • More profit per portion
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± 3:15 min. 175°C

An opportunity to mix things up

With a cutstyle widely recognised and loved by consumers, Wedges are a risk-free choice for customers and a highly versatile choice for you. Created by Lamb Weston and supplied to global chains, our Wedges complement or replace fries for a variety of meals. Cut into 8 wedges from the whole potato, they provide a real, natural potato taste which customers are prepared to pay more for. Wedges core benefits: More profit per portion Ideal for a variety of meals Prepare in fryer, oven or grill Extended holding time Natural potato taste with crispy seasoned coating

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Storage times

* -6°C - 1 week


The cooked product will have a fresh full potato flavour, with no off-flavours present.


The cooked product has a slighty crisp bite , with a uniform smooth interior

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