Cheese Donuts with honey and black pepper syrup, 'sprinkled' with bacon and chives

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Servings 10 persons



  • 150 g. honey
  • 2 tsp. black pepper, coarsley milled
  • 1.5 tsp. sea salt 

Sprinkles of bacon and chives

  • 100 g. smoked bacon
  • ½  bunch chives, fresh


  • chives


‘These donuts are a tribute to the American ‘chocolate sprinkled donuts’. These delicious cheese donuts are dipped in flavoured honey. Then, they are sprinkled with fried bacon bits and chives. They make a super tasty beer snack or ideal as part of a salad.’

  1. To make the honey-black pepper syrup, simply mix the honey with salt and pepper.
  2. Cut the bacon really finely and bake until golden brown in a dry frying pan, before allowing them to dry on some kitchen paper.
  3. Chop the chives very finely with a sharp knife.
  4. Mix the cooled bacon with the chopped chives.


  1. Deep-fry the LW Cheese donuts at 175°C for about 2:10 minutes and allow to rest for about 2 minutes before serving.
  2. Pour some of the honey-black pepper syrup on a plate or dish and put the bacon and chives on another plate.
  3. Dip the donuts into the syrup on one side and then sprinkle the bacon and chive bits on all over the syrupy side.
  4. Serve with extra honey-black pepper syrup.
  5. Garnish with chives.