Mozzarella Cheese Patty

Naturally cheesy and a perfect fit for buns
  • Thick, firm crust
  • Great combo of soft and crunchy
  • Lovely mozzarella flavour
  • Perfect size and structure
  • Soft and stretchy core
  • Multiple serving options
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± 4:30 min. 175°C

Mozzarella Patty

This flippin’ perfect patty is a real crowd-pleaser. The mozzarella is a magical match for any burger, fitting all buns perfectly and serving as a great base. Guests will love to dig into this crackingly crunchy patty, especially when they discover its smooth, melted interior. It’s cheesy in exactly the way you want it to be, and a fun and exciting way to elevate burgers to the next level! The crust gives the patty the right structure and adds a touch of crunchiness, while the soft and stretchy core makes it utterly indulgent. The flavour is mild and cheesy, perfect for creating the tastiest combinations. A Mozzarella Patty is a great way to add value to your burger, either solo or as an extra. Serve this patty on any type of bread and make it an Italian special, make it part of a vegetarian dish, or serve it as a separate snack with a nice sauce!

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Creamy taste of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese with a crispy breading.


The exterior texture is lightly firm with a crisp bite, with a glossy, creamy liquid, smooth interior.
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