Lamb Weston opens new Innovation Center in Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands) Wednesday 07 June 2023

The international potato processing company’s investment in an Innovation Center and a new pilot plant will accelerate innovation.

Lamb Weston EMEA opened its new Innovation Center in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands, on 8 June 2023 in the presence of employees, suppliers and the mayor of the city. This new facility enhances the company’s ability to develop and test new products and processes on a small scale, accelerating Lamb Weston’s innovation worldwide.

Featuring a small scale production line, or pilot line, the new innovation center offers the opportunity to innovate products using  different potato varieties, cutting techniques, chip shapes and flavours. And it also gives Lamb Weston EMEA the opportunity to test sustainable production techniques that may lead to less use of energy and water.  

Marc Schroeder, President International of Lamb Weston: “This Innovation Center enables us to bring even more and better initiatives to our customers and consumers, driving best in class product and processing innovation to deliver our loved potato products to more people, in a more sustainable way.”

Frank Petter, Mayor of Bergen op Zoom: “This Innovation Center is located in the center of an innovative hub with the DAB (Delta Agriculture Business) and agri/technical schools. This already turned out to be a perfect breeding ground for new ideas in the past and also gives further growth opportunities in our total agri/food sector."

from left to right: Mike Smith (Chief Operations Officer, Lamb Weston), Frank Petter, Mayor of the municipal Bergen op Zoom (NL), Marc Schroeder (President International, Lamb Weston)