Your partner in potatoes

At Lamb Weston, we understand the foodservice business and push ourselves to go beyond fries and potato products. We always have your back, through the good times and the bad. Because that’s what a real partner in potatoes does.

A partner in fries for over 25 years

We know that as a restaurant operator, catering entrepreneur or chef, you have a tough job. And although the highs of a thriving foodservice business can be addictive, the lows of daily challenges and frustrations are undeniably real. But you love your business, with all its highs and lows. That’s why you work hard to meet challenges head on and seize opportunities. It can be a volatile business and no two days are the same. We know, as we've been around as a leading supplier of fries and other frozen potato products for more than 25 years. Thanks to our international experience and understanding of the market and our customers, we are a stable partner and know our way around.

Partnership as a key driver for thriving foodservice businesses

We are committed to partnership, every day, because your success will make both our businesses grow. And that’s why we want to be a potato partner that delivers and inspires you to make your foodservice business more profitable and sustainable. We’ll provide you with innovative frozen fries and potato products that make you stand out by meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. That’s why we say that together, we can make your foodservice business thrive.

From inspiration to practical advice 

Lamb Weston’s innovative products are known for their wide range of applications, great taste, and consistent quality. But we also excel in our extensive culinary expertise, which enables us to elevate products, and will happily share any and all market trends. In addition to providing inspiration, consistent products, and practical advice, we can support you on multiple levels:


Boost your menu margins with culinary inspiration for greater quality and enhanced presentation.

Product solutions

Explore our extensive range of quality fries and potato products to surprise your guests!


Reduce your environmental footprint with our sustainably produced solutions.

Our latest innovations

Discover the latest potato products with new serving benefits, flavours, and shapes.

We are your partner in potatoes

At Lamb Weston, we’ll help you turn challenges into opportunities. All so you can make your customers happy and get yourself and your foodservice business to thrive. Let’s do it together, because as partners, we’ll thrive.