Crispy Golden Cheese Sticks

Velvety cheese snacks with a festive look
  • Crunchy, appealing coating
  • Great for dipping
  • Sophisticated, natural flavour
  • Multiple serving options
  • Easy portioning
fryer icon
± 2:00 min. 175°C
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± 10-14 min. 200°C

Crispy Gold Cheese Sticks

Crispy Gold Cheese Sticks truly live up to their name. They’re as pretty as a picture thanks to the decorated layer of crunchy goodness! The crust is firm but quickly gives way to the softer layer underneath. When you sink your teeth in these sticks, they’ll reveal their creamy, velvety smooth filling. The flavour is a sophisticated combination of different cheeses, while the crust adds an earthy touch for a uniquely natural overall experience. Guests love these sticks for their culinary look and balanced taste. Add to that their great texture and golden crunch, and you have every element you need for a fantastic snack! Crispy Gold Cheese Sticks are true attention seekers that do well on many menus. Whether you want them for drinks & bites or need them to power up an appetizer, these sticks will do the trick!

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Storage times

  • * -6°C - 1 week
  • ** -12°C - 1 month
  • ***/**** -18°C - 18 months

Allergy information

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Cereals containing gluten


The cooked product will have a creamy, real cheese taste, with no off-flavours present.


The cooked product has a nice crispy bite , with a uniform smooth internal texture
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